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It's gonna take too long to explain how and what. Sufficed to say, instead of starting my vacation, I worked for 35 hours on an assignment that, as it turned out later, will not be used. Though fingers crossed I can share it with you on the portfolio in the future. The work was really beautiful, which is not something I regularly claim of what I make. Somewhere in this marathon of unpaid professional design, I deleted the folder of 10 archived pictures (thus decreasing the total level of professionalism). No idea how, why or when. And due to aforementioned marathon, I had not gotten around to editing them, or uploading them, and for some incomprehensible reason I did not make a back up. This is super sad, since it featured such masterpieces as "cat stares at knitted blanket" and "unremarkably dressed woman being observed by two cats". If I remember correctly. I was also really looking forward to answering a Christian Grey reply, because I thought it was super interesting and it got me thinking further. I wanted to take the time to respond properly, but in the last three days, it all got away from me. So I will asap!
I will need until Monday (or: when the Tour de France finally leaves us the fuck alone and I am no longer bound to my home because it passes in front of it), to recreate the pictures. I did photograph some yoga 'clothes' in an attempt to fill the days that would have otherwise been "woman wearing the same pair of pyjamas five days in a row, is starting to get unhygienic". So recreation is doable. I have learnt not to let things like this get in the way anymore. I even lost my Klean Kanteen that I've had it for at least 8 years now. I ordered a replacement, and it is cheaper than losing your wallet, but it is a big reminder for me to slow the fuck down and not let me get distracted by irrelevant issues. And it bothers me that a perfectly fine water bottle with dents of sentimental value is now gone, probably thrown away because who'd care about it otherwise? That thing would have survived a war zone.

If anyone looks through this archive in the future, this will all be irrelevant, because I can backdate posts (thus lying about what happened and making me seem more put together than I am). I'll try and recreate stuff to the best of my recollection. I remember a few I was happy with, but also one I was not sure of. I think I remember most of them, but I mourn the loss of "cat stares at blanket".

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17/06/2015: A list of thing I wish I had.


I really like this combo. The socks used to be really long and slide down, but then I shortened them and now they're quite comfortable. They have this red stitched seam on the back that's lovely. I've been thinking about what I have in my closet and what I don't, because I did away with a lot of stuff (mainly shoes, high heels etc.). We will get back to this later when I've finished rereading Women In Clothes (it is the only book on the topic worth reading, and along with StyleLikeU the only source of fashion inspiration worth perusing). But let's leave that for later, and discuss what I am missing, and what I think I'm missing but what's probably just consumerism talking.

    A list of things I wish I had because they are useful and beautiful:

  • A good pair of sandals, similar to these but comfortable, fitting, vegan and ethically produced.
  • A cap that looks good on me, perhaps denim?
  • This thing I'm planning to knit
  • Ditto this wool-ish hat
  • A burgundy version of the skirt
  • An embroidered denim jacket
  • More sneakers or at least these current ones in better condition
  • Hoodie-scarf with silver bells or beads on the hood
    A list of things I think I want, but probably don't:

  • A green kimono in stretchy fabric
  • A black ring
  • A white ring
  • A necklace with the key that opens the forest
  • A 70's sheep skin coat (poor sheep)
  • My old nose piercing back, but as a very slim silver ring, or alternatively: a very original piercing of some sort (I am fully aware that there is no such thing given the fact that humans have been piercing and scarificating and painting themselves as long as they have been walking this earth and are able to push sharp things through their skin).

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16/06/2015: 50 shades of awful.


Today was a very boring day that required me to put on something besides leggings and a t-shirt. So we will not discuss style, as it was just what was best with the weather and the appointments I had (and I had an itchy nose). Instead, we will discuss 50 Shades of Grey. My watching this crime against humanity might have been inspired by a deep need to avoid studying and not finding Pitch Perfect 2 online. It will, however, relate back to the topic of these posts: reigning in consumption and combatting the reduction all of human experience to purchasable/sellable commodities. Because that makes me angry. Lest we get into why this is a terrible movie that you should definitely not watch and why precisely I fast-forwarded through the end (that featured scenes that indeed made my vagina yawn and others that pictured some pretty horrific abuse), I will give the word to someone who explains this better: Laci Green, who also has a kick-ass episode about actual BDSM. Also, Star Trek TOS showed more naked Kirk, or at least more enticing male nudity than this movie did 50 (!) years later (and in TOS at least we ladies of all colours and species could be scientists who went into space), so we can not say that this movie is either artistic or societal progress.

I'd like to suggest a different movie. Whilst watching the offence that is 50 shades of Grey, I was reminded of the movie Secretary, and of how I hadn't watched that in a while (and of how that features a much more interesting male protagonist also named Grey, and how the female protagonist actually has screen time and, you know, a personality). We could now deconstruct and criticise that movie, I read the S&M feminist, and the movie is by no means perfect, nor does it shy away from traditional gender roles. But guess what, it is a delightful work of absurd and darkly humorous fantasy that features a lot of orchids (yes, orchids) and some dead bugs that I really enjoyed. And while the connection between BDSM and mental health issues is troubling, I'd argue that in this movie BDSM is actually depicted as healing and transformative (and just as weird or embarrassingly disconnected or pleasurable as any other sexual activity can be). Oh, I don't know. Let's not overthink a movie that was mainly good kinky fun with Maggie Gyllenhaal. Let's appreciatively watch it. If your vagina also prefers humour to three seconds of full-but-not-frontal nudity of a man who spends a lot of time working out, go watch Secretary. I worry about our collective interest is BDSM, because I don't think it is a genuine interest in discovering ourselves without taboo (I, for one, am largely unenthused by B, D, S or M, but hate the fact that we cannot talk about it openly), but rather a clever way for businesses to get us to buy more fluffy handcuffs for our 'playrooms'. If you go there, just call it 'love-dungeon' and be done with it. Cockroaches as a means of sexual communication are free though, and if you think that is a really weird thing to say, go watch Secretary.

I realise I have just spent an entire 500 word post on something completely unrelated to style and only vaguely related to commercialisation and consumer culture (as well as unvegan bug-tactics in sex). Maybe my point should be that one of the movies has style and the other has an abusive non-consentually controlling rich dude offering environmentally unfriendly helicopter rides to a girl who for some inexplainable reason does not refuse these very wasteful and unethical gifts (including the clothes). I'm pretty sure that between my fear of crashing in an aircraft and my general feminist-ethical sensibilities, I would have told him to go fuck himself.

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15/06/2015: Hair!


Very boring outfit. Love the new hair though! The other haircut really didn't work on me, even if 'vulcan' is a really nice haircut in principle. But it didn't feel like me, it wasn't lively enough, I don't know. This new one is though. I love all of the shaved bits. It's always nice in summer and it means the hair dries quicker. I hope this is one of those haircuts that look really good when you just get off your bike. The last one I had before 'Spock' was like that, and it was a joy.

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14/06/2015: Infernal building corporation.


Just as I had a deadline for a paper I was really struggling with (I wanted to do well, the topic was challenging, I fear I used too little sources and have made an utter mess of the theory I use to support my argument, also: applying Donna Haraway to leek requires some creative thinking), the building corporation decided to clean my balcony. Not that it's dirty. Not that anything needed to be done. Not that they cleaned it, because I then had to go over it to remove all of the gunk from the gutters and there was stuff everywhere and the ceiling was still grey. Not like they took care to look at a more pressing issue: the fact that mould is starting to appear on the ceiling of my room (and on the window and the floor) again after having removed it a few weeks back. But no, they never get back to us about that. They announced the 'cleaning' on the outside last minute, so I had to move all these plants so they would not get killed by the pressure cleaner thing. The cats then dug up all the plants in the room I had just cleaned. And I did not recheck the sources or checked my spelling a final time so I suspect the essay is a garbled ununderstandable mess raving on about the epistemological possibilities of leek. I really don't care what I wore that day. I want vacation to start instead of having to finish another essay. I want to have time to actually go outside and sit in the sun and knit instead of finishing something I really cannot bother with anymore. Also: can you spot the two hidden cats in the picture?

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13/06/2015: Sweater-tux.


It is all my sister's fault. She made me listen to this millennial-nostalgia and then it made me cry. I'm thinking of compiling a list of songs that never fail to do so. In-between the listening of this album, I actually wrote an entire paper, which explains yet another version of leggings and sweater.

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12/06/2015: Refashioned yoga-suit.


This tiger-patterned stretchy top was a yoga-suit that had a bottom, but that is not convenient at all if you plan to live your life and you know, pee with haste. So I took the bottom off. Now it rolls up a bit, but I have also nearly mastered the blind hem on the serger, and it is much more comfortable!

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11/06/2015: Failed skirt.


I made a pattern from the yellow Monroe-skirt, which sort of worked, until I realised that I need a heavier fabric for this to work, otherwise it is see-through. So then I tried to double the fabric, which was fine, until I could not get the elastic in, so this skirt was not meant to be and now I will use the fabrics for some shorts. And will try again in the future.

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10/06/2015: More crop sweater!


I made two more, in my favourite colours: burgundy and black. Both are really comfy and I think stylish, though I suspect they're a bit shorter than the striped one, which is unfortunate. It will not prevent me from wearing them though, because they can go over stuff, or underneath dungarees, or on top of the hight waisted jeans etc. Might try if they work with the pink pants from the clothing library.

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09/06/2015: Flowers.


It turns out that in colder weather, the suit can go over tights. I tried it with a few shirts, but this is the only one that works so far.

This post originally discussed Brandon Flowers' lyric video featuring Neil Tennant as a radically queer-positive feminist manifesto (that had some personal resonance for me), because anything featuring Neil Tennant I can get behind, but then I think it might be the wrong song to discuss that with. However much I (want to) hear something completely different in the lyrics, it really is just some creepy stuff about a man offering to give his personality up for a 'girl'. And despite the tight pants, that really isn't sexy, especially if we are also not allowed to deny his love (and yes, I've listened to that more times than I care to count).

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