17/07/2015: To end on a necklace.


Not precisely sure how to end this experiment. I’ve already looked back on it, and I think the outfit above is a particularly smashing one (that blouse was unethically cheap because nobody wanted it or fit into it, but I’m short and like baggy things with clear lines and red details, so this was apparently made for me). To finish this in style, I will celebrate a clothing-related find: this necklace I found at EYE museum featuring the symbol of Twin Peak’s Owl Cave. It’s Kate Rowlands’ (she’s also on Etsy). She makes absolutely gorgeous things. If I was a wearer of blouses buttoned to the top I’d have definitely gotten those Twin Peaks buttons as well. I adore Twin Peaks, as I adore most more or less classic shows with main characters as absolutely gorgeous as a young Agent Cooper (and David Duchovny who manages to pull of a skirt, but that is in an otherwise terrible season regrettably). I absolutely love this necklace and the shop it came from and the little Twin Peaks sticker that was on the packet and the fact that the material it was sent in could be recycled. I wear it almost all the time now. I asked for the chain to be a bit longer than the shop offered, and how sweet is it that you can just ask the designer about that! If this kind of jewelry is your thing, I’d definitely check it out and support Kate’s shop. I know I was not promoting buying anything, but this seems about as ethical as it will get


To end the Outfits a Day here: it was informative and quite tiring to keep this up. There were more technical and personal hiccups than I’d have liked. That is life. I have cooked and experimented a frankly nauseating amount of stuff over the holidays, and have almost mastered the macaron. I have definitely mastered aquafaba eggs, at least for a bit, so I will report back, with pictures of how the cats became the huge monsters they are now, and that dinosaur birthday landscape I keep promising. That was great. So I’ll be back to some semblance of scheduled posts if and when the computer is functioning again and I no longer have to type this on an iPhone and edit pictures in-between frantic emailing hoping the screen will not give out.

PS. Now I really really want a shirt with cuff links <3.

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16/08/2015: Stroke of brilliance.


I realized everything looks good when combined with dungarees. Seriously. They’re not overly practical, but these have a zip in the back and the others are tiny so that works out alright with the toilet. I also adore the feeling of being in  a shell/cocoon that goes all the way up to the top. Somehow the little bib-bit on the dungaree always makes me feel more protected than other tops do. Maybe it’s because the denim is quite tough and it is like a tiny modern-day suit of armour. This is probably a weird thought.

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14/08/2015: End to this project.


So in two days this project comes to an end becasue I am lazy and can never stick with stuff long enough (ok, honestly I can, but not with this computer and not if I think I’ve learned all I’ll ever learn from an experiment). And it is impossible to edit anything on the computer that might give out any second and work perfectly again for a few days before becoming all temperamental again. What have we learnt in almost 3 months? I have learnt that I am not a girl but a woman (fuck you Britney), that I overthink everything, and that while I am very much a womanly woman, that is in a “I don’t think that means, what you think it means”-way. My mind and body are a whole that I feel ‘match’ on some deep level that is probably just hormones telling me they’re happy, but that whole does not match societal expectations of the label woman, and I suspect that is maybe the same for a large part of people becasue everyone is a person not a tiny entity in a neatly labeled box, but I also suspect that not knowing which box to temporarily occupy does not necessarily make things easier. Anyway, I have learnt that I will use anything as an excuse to think more, that not-buying stuff is not always the best idea, but that it is much better than buying everything in sight simply because I can (or because it is in a shop and I cannot resist even though I should because most of the time I can’t afford it anyway). I don’t know. I think everyone should take many many pictures and think about style if they have the time, though maybe not quite as publicly as I have. But that is my perpetual question, if this is nice to share and important, or useless in a sea of information overload that is the internet and images and all of the things that are out there but don’t matter. But then I want to share, and in the end isn’t that the only central thought the internet is based on, be it with angry trolls or lovely activists.

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12/08/2015: Stephen Colbert


The bit of satire that Twitter sent me to today was absolutely amazing. I never really watch much Stephen Colbert, preferring drama to late night shows that are not John Oliver (or perhaps Lubach, I wonder when and if he’ll be back). To illustrate the reason of my fondness for Stephen and his satirical piece, I give you the following:

“right now the world of late-night is a bit of a sausagefest. Perhaps one day it will be just the opposite—which I believe is called a Georgia O’Keeffe retrospective.”

– Stephen Colbert

I think I’d look at home at said retrospective. And I wanted to check out the block quote function on this new theme.

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10/08/2015: Tomboyish.


Maybe this outfit is a rather terrible illustration of what I wanted to discuss, and maybe I hate those black sweater-jackets and have since set them free. But we need to discuss Ari Fitz’s Tomboyish, no matter how little I like the look I chose on reflection. Because those vlogs and the channel are really inspirational. I especially liked this one vlog where she discussed her coming out and personal style. It was quite relatable, even for someone who has the kind of parents one doesn’t so much come out to as one brings a boy in a skirt home to only to get zero response (not that I took the boy home to provoke, so the parents and I have that in common). Anyway, I liked Ari’s coming out story a lot, and the contemplation on style was actually totally 100% relatable even if my style is not at all shaped like hers was! There might be totally different reasons for me favouring some things traditionally thought of as masculine and tomboyish (looking at you, mum), but the videos struck a chord as something I’ve been looking for and have been trying for a little bit now. So that is also why I adore Ari’s series and videos: they give a whole range of possibilities and inspiration and wonderful conventional and unconventional beauty. It does something different then StyleLikeU but I like it just as much. Ok, I love the stories StyleLikeU do, but the style featured in all of the Tomboyish stuff is closer to mine, and therefore much more of a practical guide.

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