About Me

Aster Fliers

I graduated from Theatre Studies at Utrecht University in december 2016, having previously studied costume design at Utrecht School of Arts. It’s since become obvious that my strength lies in merging the craftspersonship of costume with writing & humanities theory. Recently I’ve been treading into some new research territory, so I am excited to see where that will lead. Currently the answer to that seems to be “to a profound existential crisis,” but what are you gonna do. I also bake a mean vegan cake, because that’s what my sister and I do for a living.


Utrecht University (UU) ā€” MA Theatre Studies, 2015-2016 (3.81 GPA)

Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) ā€” BA Theatre Design, 2009-2013

Work & experience:

Iā€™m co-director of (and graphic designer for) the socio-economic experiment that my sister has been running, with some help, since 2009: Zus&Zo Gebak.

Past projects and designs are featured on the portfolio page, including written works with a summary. A more encompassing summary of my MA thesis was published in the 9th issue of Danswetenschap in Nederland.

I prefer they/them, but I will respond to any and all pronouns. Basically, I’m impossible to offend pronoun-wise.

IELTS says that my English is as good as it can get according to their test: Band 9, Expert User. My French and German are nowhere near as good, but I have some proficiency. My Spanish is purely fictional.