Food Photography

Picture featuring a cut out piece from a semi-spherical baked alaska with a brownie base, chocolate ice cream center and thick meringue outer layer.

Close-up picture of a quiche with tomato slices arranges in a circular pattern. The quiche sits atop a cooing rack with small black metal squares that contrast with the table underneath it.

Picture of a redcurrant pie on a wooden cutting board on top of a wooden background. One-fifth has been cut out with a magenta knife also pictured.

Picture of an unbaked plum tart on top of a wooden table in front of a blue radiator. The top of the pie consists of slices of peach arranged in circles reminiscent of flower petals.

Picture of a small cookie topped with lemon curd and a squiggly shaped bit of meringue. The small pastry is cut in half with a fork and sits on a white plate with three other bites visible in the background.

Picture of tomato stew with beans, carrots and celery in a white bowl, topped with slices of seitan sausages.

Picture of six carrot cupcakes with frosting and decorative slices of carrot, walnut and lemon zest as decoration.

Close-up picture of six small round almond cookies (bitterkoekjes in Dutch) sitting on the palm of a hand resting on a wooden table.

Picture featuring a round container (the zoku shake maker) filled with bright pink raspberry sorbet garnished with two mint leaves and a few chocolate shavings.

All the food pictured is home-made and vegan. Straight after the pictures were taken, it was enjoyed by people who happened to be in the house at the time.

Styling, photography: Aster Fliers.