When I tried something French…

I give you: homemade sausage in a french-like beanstew. Suggest using beans from scratch as well, they’re way more delicious.

Picture of tomato stew with beans, carrots and celery in a white bowl, topped with slices of seitan sausages.

For the sausage, it’s best to watch the video Julie Hasson made. I dislike her commercialism, but all her recipes (except for the biscotti, ughh, horrible biscotti) are excellent. The bean stew is compiled of the leftover beans (I started out with one cup dried cannelini beans), and everything else in our fridge, The parsley is so yellow because it’s celery, that was the only thing we had on hand.

Picture of three seitan sausages on a small wooden board against a black background.

The things in the fridge were something along the lines of carrot, onion and an old celery stalk. I added some more or less french herb-like-mixture and some canned diced tomatoes. Together with a little broth. The sausages taste incredible. I used some cheesecloth to steam them, because that’s reusable and works well. Just be sure to tie it real tight with some string. After steaming, just cut them up and bake them, or make long ones and use them whole as a hotdog.


Picture of two bonbons in a small folded out box.

I attempted a bonbon recipe. It looks great. But it doesn’t work 100% of the time. I had my mom test it, and it came out slightly soggy and separating. And I haven’t a clue as to why. It still needs lots more testing.These pictures are from the very first batch, a batch that went surprisingly well.

Close up of two bonbons in a small folded out box.

Until then, here’s some stimulating food for thought. From Joshua Katcher, brilliant man. This interview is absolutely worth the read. It is a nuanced, intelligent, inspiring, non-judgemental piece.

Gluten-Free Vegan Donuts

Check out the new the new Babycakes book, it is wonderful. These donuts are a pillowy wonder of crispy fluffiness, somewhat soggy, like donuts are supposed to be. I say this with the experience of having eaten one donut in my entire life, about 6 years ago, pre-vegan. Anyways, these are good, especially the cinnamon-sucanat coated ones. Credit to my mom for being hand-model.

Picture of three miniature donuts, one with coconut topping, one with cinnamon sugar, one with chocolate frosting, placed on a horizontal line on a hand over a wooden tabletop.

I froze the lot of them, because I had a little more than planned (do not double the recipe). Just reheat in toaster and top. Get yourself some mini donut pans, they’ll be worth it and they’re easy to use. I prefer the silicone ones. Then you have a proper donut at cookie size, which is more delicious than the ones that start to become a chore halfway through. Did I mention these are made from brown-rice flour?

Milk & Cookies

The Recipe: Almond Milk with Tiny Bitterkoekjes

This recipe is a double one: the leftovers from the milk are a key ingredient in the cookies. All you need is a blender and a big bowl, or food processor. The cookies will be tiny, but there will be lots, so if you package them nicely, you have the perfect gift.

Picture of nine tiny cookies arranged in two rows on a hand over a wooden tabletop.

These taste like a cross between Dutch bitterkoekjes and amaretti, with the texture of a bitterkoekje (little crunchy on the outside marzipan on the inside) and the little almond kick of amaretti. We ate the entire batch in a span of three hours between the four of us because they are a little addictive.