Chocolate Extravaganza!

Today I am mooching off of the recipes of others and combining them in a different way. A 250 gram bag of pitted dates (just as cheap as those with stone) from Terra Sana will give you exactly the amount of dates you need for both the brownie and the frosting. Then all you need are 750 grams of small bananas and two cups of your favorite non-dairy milk, and you’re off. I trust you have all the other ingredients on hand (cocoa powder, coconut oil, shredded coconut, walnuts, salt, maybe vanilla/coffee/orange/chili or some other tasty thing you want to add).

Picture of frozen banana popsicles, raw brownies and chocolate milkshake.

This brownie will not taste like traditional brownie at all but it’s a little reminiscent of the super-fudgye-sugary-crakley brownie concoctions you get at the Bijenkorf. As for the frosting: therein lies the real miracle. It doesn’t contain anything even slightly troubling (like sugar or margarine, heck, not even agave). Yes, your frosting will hint of date. But not overpowering, it will taste a little like caramel. I usually go with unscented oil (it was all I had on hand). The consistency is divine. I’ve been known to frost regular cupcakes with it, but make sure they’re very COLD because this frosting is just as melty as sugary frosting is.

For these recipes, start by freezing your bananas Everyday Dish style (3 of them cut into 9 tiny popsicles total). Ours will be way healthier in comparison to theirs: go sugarfree semi-raw frosting! Then make the brownie, fill the pan, use the blender for the frosting (no cleaning required), frost the brownies. Dip your bananas, maybe roll them in some topping. Put the leftover banana(s) into the blender container with the leftover frosting and the milk. There you have your milkshake. Alternatively, you could just eat the leftover frosting with a spoon and call it mousse, but that wouldn’t be a banana-breakfast shake, now would it?

Close up of frozen banana popsicles.

One more sidenote: when I took the pictures our kitchen was still being remodeled, so I had to do with the tiny space between my bed and book closet for photos. Also: there was no pastry bag, no decent knives and a shortage of plates. This explains both the messy frosting and the minimal clean-up needed (almost none if I’d have used a square pan) for this recipe. Furthermore: I mostly use non-raw cocoa for raw recipes. Right now I don’t have access to raw cocoa and it’s very very expensive.

PS. It seems I forgot to post the original recipes. Embarrassing. So, here’s Laura-Jane the Rawtarian’s version of the brownie and the best damn chocolate icing ton the planet. Please ignore her pro-rawfood missionary-like tendencies. Also, use 125 grams of dates per recipe. It’s a tiny bit less then she does, but I find it less overpoweringly sweet that way.