about me

Picture of aster wearing a black turtleneck and a bright yellow apron.

I was born on a Wednesday in 1991. Two years later, my sister stole my thunder by arriving the day before my birthday and we’ve been a close-knit duo ever since. Some twenty-two years after that, I graduated from theatre studies at Utrecht University, having previously studied costume design at Utrecht School of Arts. I’ve always worked alongside my studies, amongst other things as a vegan chef. Since then, I’ve integrated the durational aspects of embroidery into slow recipes and fermentation, be it sourdough, plant-based cheesemaking with mould (the good kind), or various fermented drinks.


work & experience:

My sister and I worked together as vegan caterers named Zus&Zo from 2009-2021. I still work as one of her support people and as co-director of her daily support network.

Past projects and designs are featured on the portfolio page, including written works with a summary. A more encompassing summary of my MA thesis was published in the 9th issue of Danswetenschap in Nederland.

During the pandemic lockdowns, I was briefly an enthusiastic potter. I built a home studio and made some lovely things, but it turns out my patience with food and fermentation processes does not extend to clay-based activities.


Utrecht University (UU) — MA Theatre Studies, 2015-2016 (3.81 GPA)

Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) — BA Theatre Design, 2009-2013 (with Honours)

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht (CGU) — 2003-2009


IELTS says that my English is as good as it can get according to their test: Band 9, Expert User. My French and German are nowhere near as good, but I did take them in high school. My Spanish is purely fictional.