About Me

Picture of Aster wearing a black turtleneck and a bright yellow apron.

I was born on a Wednesday in 1991. Two years later, my sister stole my thunder by arriving the day before my birthday and we’ve been a close-knit duo ever since. Some twenty-two years after that, I graduated from Theatre Studies at Utrecht University, having previously studied costume design at Utrecht School of Arts. All throughout my studies I’ve worked as a carer and vegan chef. Since then, I’ve integrated the durational craftspersonship that came with embroidery into slow reciped and fermentation, be it sourdough, nut-based cheesemaking with mould (the good kind), or various fermented drinks. I plan to share the recipes I have developed later this year.

I currently live with my soulmate, a loving yet assertive one-eyed tabby named Bobbie, on possibly the quietest street in Utrecht, though I hope to share a house with my sister again someday.


Utrecht University (UU) — MA Theatre Studies, 2015-2016 (3.81 GPA)

Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) — BA Theatre Design, 2009-2013 (with Honours)

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht (CGU) — 2003-2009

Work & experience:

My sister and I have been working together as vegan caterers at Zus&Zo since 2009.

Past projects and designs are featured on the portfolio page, including written works with a summary. A more encompassing summary of my MA thesis was published in the 9th issue of Danswetenschap in Nederland.


IELTS says that my English is as good as it can get according to their test: Band 9, Expert User. My French and German are nowhere near as good, but I did take them in high school. My Spanish is purely fictional.