cheese board

Picture of fermented cashew cheeses, crackers and pickled caperberries on a board with a dried fig loaf. There's aged cashew with miso, aged cashew and hazelnut with annatto, and smoked aged cashew.

Picture of fermented cashew cheeses with crackers on a board. This shows fermented cashew mold-ripened with camembert and a layer of burnt leek running through it.

Picture of a ceramic bowl with cheese shards of ripened cashew and pine-nut with miso, aged and then dried until crumbly.

Picture of a creamy herbed roll of briefly fermented fresh cashew cheese, sliced through, with some of it spread on a cracker.

Vegan cheeseboard with fermented and mould-ripened cashew, hazelnut, almonds and pine nuts, flavoured with miso, burnt vegetables, annatto and herbs.

Concept: Marienel Blankers and Aster Fliers
Cheese: Aster Fliers
Photography: Aster Fliers