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This site collects barely any data, because the data needed for it to work is negligible. You can’t leave any response save for the contact form, so that’s the only place personal data is analysed and collected. Akismet checks for spam, as does hCaptcha. I only ask for the information needed to respond to you, as that’s the only thing that’s relevant. WordPress itself does not collect analytics, but the two anti-spam plugins do. This site is Google-free and also deeply anti-social, digital platform-wise. If you’re a human and want to get in touch, then it’s super duper social and personal and just shoot me a message.


Akismet collects information from visitors who use the contact form, to prevent spam. This usually concerns the IP adress of the respondent, user agent, referrer and website URL (also inlcuding the information like name and email address that is filled in on the form). That information’s not stored anywhere, but it is collected and then checked to hold the bots at bay.


This site is protected by hCaptcha and its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. hCaptcha is the privacy conscious version of ReCaptcha, because Google analytics wasn’t sitting right with me, but neither was the constant stream of spam from German paper products wholesalers (it was a lot). This seemed the best compromise.