Four characters, all dressed in some form of suit or pants-sweater-combo, beding over an opened suitcase in the right lower corner. Three of them are holding a lightbulb that's attached to a black cord, using it to shine light into the suitcase for the forth character sitting behind and bent over the suitcase.

Picture of a character (Arend) shown from the hips up, reading from a script. He is wearing a grey shirt underneath a grey sweater featuring three golden diamonds on the chest that each contain the black outline of a moose, similar to "watch out, moose crossing" warning roadsigns. In the background behind the character's head, a we see another character (God) out of focus, sitting on a chair placed on a platform, wearing a black suit.

CreditsActors: Steven Hooi, Sanne Den Hartogh, Ellik Bargai, Adison dos Reis and Ergun Simsek.
Production: Tamara Le Roy/MC
Writer: Tommy Ventevogel
Director: Kasper Kapteijn
Dramaturgy: Robbert van Heuven
Sound/light: Luuk Vierhout
Photography: Jean van Lingen.