tommy, the rock opera

Picture featuring a character (Tommy) dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, sitting cross-legged staring up and away from the camera. Both his hands are on the floor. Right behind him we see a character (Acid Queen) dressed in stockings, a red and gold dress and gold patent stilettos. She's turned with her back to the camera, positioned on all fours, exposing her black underpants.

Picture of a character (The Preacher) wearing purple vestments with two red devils on the yellow stole. He takes a drink from a bottle of hard liquor with his left hand and has a microphone in his right. In the background two band members are also visible.

CreditsActors: Guy Corneille, Laurens Macklon, Aster Fliers
Producer & Assistant Director: Senne Vercouteren
Director: Aster Fliers
Stage Design: Lowi Willems
Costumes: Fred Abbingh, Aster Fliers
Photography: Anne Heeger