Gluten-Free Vegan Donuts

Check out the new the new Babycakes book, it is wonderful. These donuts are a pillowy wonder of crispy fluffiness, somewhat soggy, like donuts are supposed to be. I say this with the experience of having eaten one donut in my entire life, about 6 years ago, pre-vegan. Anyways, these are good, especially the cinnamon-sucanat coated ones. Credit to my mom for being hand-model.

Picture of three miniature donuts, one with coconut topping, one with cinnamon sugar, one with chocolate frosting, placed on a horizontal line on a hand over a wooden tabletop.

I froze the lot of them, because I had a little more than planned (do not double the recipe). Just reheat in toaster and top. Get yourself some mini donut pans, they’ll be worth it and they’re easy to use. I prefer the silicone ones. Then you have a proper donut at cookie size, which is more delicious than the ones that start to become a chore halfway through. Did I mention these are made from brown-rice flour?