Quicky Dinner: Noodle Bowl.

There’s a few of my go-to recipes so simple that you can hardly call then recipes. I make them quite often, sometimes a few times in a row. They all take a maximum of 20 minutes? Seeing how this is a big part of the cooking I do, I thought I’d share. It’s practically impossible not to like the recipes, because if you don’t like it you can adapt them as much as you like without any chance of failure. For those of you thinking: “But Aster, where are the vegetables in this?”, I’d like to point out that herbs are really good for you and if you feel the need to add broccoli, go right ahead. Coarsely grated carrot is also really nice. Tofu, regrettably, didn’t add anything, and I say that as someone who feels even plain baked tofu with a bit of salt on top is delicious.

Picture of a bowl of noodle soup with green herbs.

I would always add the ginger and garlic, the soup becomes bland without it. Spring onions are really nice, but a small yellow onion works as well. Pea and maize-vermicelli is the best, I got it at the Persian market around the corner. Brown rice vermicelli also works well, but is less chewy. Be sure to check that your noodles don’t have eggs. The recipe is ridiculously straightforward. Fry the onion with the garlic and some grated ginger (along with the optional carrot) in a tiny pan while you cook the vermicelli in another one. Use the water cooker if you’re really impatient (I am). Add some tamari, vegan wochestershire sauce and mirin and let it simmer. When the pasta is done, add that, along with half a bouillon cube (or use stock instead of water). In the meantime I have grated the zest of a lemon and chopped some fresh herbs. Then I add some sriracha sauce, put it in a bowl and add the zest and herbs. Voila, almost instant pan-asian-fusion for one. I prefer mine spicy and very lemony, but you could try the opposite. Roasted sesame oil is good, but not a must.