Baked Alaska

The Recipe: Baked Alaska

Picture of a baked alaska on a white plate against a grey background. It's piped with a star tipped nozzle.

I’m warning you: this post will be rather self-congratulatory. See, I baked an Alaska. The internet usually overhypes the difficulty of recipes, and probably any gimmicky cook with an ounce of self-respect can out-alaska-bake me in a second. However, their alaskans are not vegan. But mine is, and I’ll assure you it’ll work just as good. It’s not that hard, it just takes some patience and some kitchen gadgets.

Picture featuring two baked alaskas on white plates against a grey background. One is piped with a star tipped nozzle, the other round and has a piece cut out that's plated and featured most prominently.

It’s pretty damn straightforward. You just bake brownies from Vegan Cookies, then top with chocolate ice cream. That ice cream in itself was quite the victory: it’s probably the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever eaten. In my life. Even beating a strange chocolate-amaretto flavor I once had in Rome, both vegan an non-vegan store bought and, dare I say, my dad’s home made chocolate ice cream by a mile. Did I mention it’s sugar-free, fiber-rich and full of almondy goodness? I probably shouldn’t have, but if you plan on feigning healthy, you could skip the alaska and go straight for the ice cream.

Picture of a partially melted piece of baked alaska on a white square plate against a grey background.

But this is decadent-dessert-time, not health-food-obsession-time. This’d be the perfect recipe for a formal dinner, if you have the time to bake and serve for dessert. As always, I’d advise you to check out Ms. Humbles post first. It’s full of useful information, although the baking of our vegan meringue is slightly different from the regular meringue in this case. You’ll need to bake it slightly longer, until the tops turn brown. The ice cream won’t melt if you make sure it’s cold to begin with.