Gender and Visuality in Technology

Retelling the Dutch Golden Age through vegetables, fruits and ashes.

An analysis of the eat.inspiration at studio de culinaire werkplaats.

Picture of a light cracker with a bubbled surface and golden colour.

dutch golden age eat.inspiration by de culinaire werkplaats.

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An analysis of a multi sensory experience that creates knowledge and subjectivity through taste in a 5 course meal centered around the Dutch golden age at design studio de culinaire werklaats in Amsterdam. This essay discusses how the food informs and teaches as well as inspires around the central theme of the Golden Age, to conclude that it actualises the concept in a nuanced and varied way, creating modes of subjectivity and knowledge transfer that could only have happened by telling a story through food. By using food as the medium and by not shying away from the uncomfortable historical and current truths about Dutch identity, de culinaire werkplaats manages to create something new and critical that is best described as meaningful rather than delicious, though in the end it was both. In the bleeding together of stories and food, with the food informing the stories and vice versa, de culinaire werkplaats manages to create a multisensory experience that constitutes knowledge in a way that storytelling alone could never have.