When I tried something French…

I give you: homemade sausage in a french-like beanstew. Suggest using beans from scratch as well, they’re way more delicious.

Picture of tomato stew with beans, carrots and celery in a white bowl, topped with slices of seitan sausages.

For the sausage, it’s best to watch the video Julie Hasson made. I dislike her commercialism, but all her recipes (except for the biscotti, ughh, horrible biscotti) are excellent. The bean stew is compiled of the leftover beans (I started out with one cup dried cannelini beans), and everything else in our fridge, The parsley is so yellow because it’s celery, that was the only thing we had on hand.

Picture of three seitan sausages on a small wooden board against a black background.

The things in the fridge were something along the lines of carrot, onion and an old celery stalk. I added some more or less french herb-like-mixture and some canned diced tomatoes. Together with a little broth. The sausages taste incredible. I used some cheesecloth to steam them, because that’s reusable and works well. Just be sure to tie it real tight with some string. After steaming, just cut them up and bake them, or make long ones and use them whole as a hotdog.