Lemon-Basil Mojito

The Recipe: Lemon-Basil Mojito

So here’s the easiest of recipes, but fucking impressive none the less. The thought went along the lines of: “God that lemonade-mojito-thing in Prague was good, and damn, that lemon-basil sorbet in the shop around the corner is delicious: let’s put two and two together.” Also: what are the more delicious counterparts of lime/mint/rum? Yes, indeed: lemon/basil/vodka. Make sure to get the good organic stuff or at least check your vodka is vegan (Stoli is).

Picture featuring a bottle of Utkins UK5 vodka and a glass of lemon basil mojito.

This drink is different but equally good virgin. The vodka just adds a little kick. It’s the lemonade and the styling that gives it the wow-factor. It’s a recipe, it only requires some lemons, basil, agave and your hands. Cheesecloth is optional but highly recommended: you could use a strainer or a clean towel. Mashing the basil in the glass mojito-style does a lot for presentation, blending it (or a mashing/chopping combo) then steeping along with the zest is more practical and will prevent the spitting out of leaves. If you use a high dosage of basil, it will turn your drink a bright neon-green.