Oyster Mushroom Kalamari

Oyster mushrooms can do anything. They are delicious in a ragout and, well, in anything. And they cost about their weight in gold and sometimes they’re worth it. But I did add some button-mushrooms for variety, which turned out great. I just halved or quartered them, and I can definitely recommend it. I used a part of a recipe from the Millennium cookbook, but over the years I’ve used very little and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. But I saw a picture of the kalamari. And had to make them. I did away with the stir fry, and we had it with some rice.

Picture of different fried mushrooms with tartar sauce on a white plate.

Photographing mushrooms pretending to be dead squid is a challenge. Photographing that attractively I mean. They don’t really do colour, or variety. Just texture. And taste, but I can’t capture taste in a picture. The mushrooms have a chewiness and a deep lovely taste, that squid can’t hold a candle to. And let the squid swim, swim freely!