A Quick Rundown (or: Paddington Bear Does Berlin)

Before christmas I was working my butt off, preventing me from being tired, sulking around and being a depressed little bunny. And after that I was just being a very sad bunny. That is not to say I didn’t cook. I baked the alaska, meringue’d the vegan lemon pie, sharlotka’d some apples, cashew-cheesed the mac, read 4 new cookbooks, went to Berlin, and just today I finally started designing some serious theatre things. I also did web-design whilst bunnying around, as evidenced by the changes in this website and the portfolio.

Mirror selfie of a person in a bright yellow raincoat, blue pants and red striped sweater.

For now you’ll have to do with a picture of Paddington Bear in a German elevator. The classmates with whom I traveled took to calling me Paddington Bear, even though he clearly wears blue in almost any picture. But they do have a point. If you ever find yourself in Berlin, let Happy Cow or their app guide your journey and you’ll be golden. It makes finding good food breeze instead of a small military heist. I should also mention that Berlin people are extremely friendly and courteous (one even bothered to compliment me on my thoroughly rubbish German), speak perfect English, don’t look at you strangely if your head is shaved but look at you with eyes of burning hate when you wear (real-looking) fur. I bloody love them!