It’s Tarte A L’Alsacienne. Fill the sour cream with sautéed onion and garlic and zucchini. Then top with tomato slices (I used 6 or 7) and bake. Better than your average quiche. And so much healthier. Add some extra salt, pepper, nice herbs (garam masala or smoked paprika would be great, I used oregano, tarragon and thyme). This can be done with cooked potato, baked mushroom, basically, anything, inside or on top. Don’t forget the black pepper. The adding of nutritional yeast for cheesy flavor wouldn’t hurt either, but just the cashew is better, if you ask me. Less complicated but somehow more tasty because of that.

Close-up picture of a quiche with tomato slices arranges in a circular pattern. The quiche sits atop a cooing rack with small black metal squares that contrast with the table underneath it.