Typically Dutch: Tompoezen for Everyone

OK, these are for everybody except those with-nut allergies, I’m sorry. It might be doable with silken tofu and/or soymilk, but the taste will suffer. Cashews are just the magical answer to most dairy-related problems. I haven’t found another answer yet, although sesame-pinenut-cheese is giving me hope.

Close-up picture of a mini-tompoes on a plate with pink frosting and two more tompoezen in the background.

These are incredibly delicious. It’s tastes (nearly) authentic, looks great, and you needn’t tell anybody our dirty little secret. Just pretend it came from cows, no one will notice, or at least no one will be able to tell you exactly what it is you did to make it as good as or even better than the original. For those of you who know the Netherlands: these are industrial strenght HEMA-style but without the dead pigs hooves, milk and eggs. Don’t skimp on the sugar, because that gives it it’s HEMA-authenticity, and I already downgraded it quite. Tompoezen is spelled tompoucen in Belgium and the south of the Netherlands, but HEMA still says tompoes, not tompouce, so we’ll stick with that.

Picture of three mini-tompoezen on a plate with pink frosting.

One recipe makes 18 mini tompoezen with just enough filling and frosting for 1 packet of puff pastry. Three mini-tompoezen would make one HEMA-tompoes. So effectively, this recipe makes 6, but they’re a little less overwhelming in mini-form.