Blogroll Archive

From 2010 until 2015 I kept a more or less regularly updated blog. Much of it is no longer relevant. Some posts, however, are still worth reading. Especially those featuring recipes. The person who wrote those posts is a different person than the one I am today, but I’m grateful that they got me to where I am now. Sure, I do make my own puff pastry from scratch now, I have more or less mastered the art of tempering chocolate, and I do in fact know how caramel works and that one should employ a sugar thermometer when making it. I’m also a little amazed at how far we’ve come cheese-wise.

Picture of six carrot cupcakes with frosting and decorative slices of carrot, walnut and lemon zest as decoration.

That said: the quiche still works and various incarnations of it are in regular rotation. I use a different tart shell, a different meringue and have fiddled a little with the ratios, but the lemon meringue pie filling is still the best one I’ve ever had. The Great British Bake Off may have taught me a lot over the years, but that carrot cake is now actually a small hit at a local coffee place and the recipe remains largely unchanged. And while the moose may have been a little cross-eyed, they’re still damn cute. So I’m re-uploading the posts and pictures, making sure all the links are working, and I’m updating the recipes to their most recent versions. That way, this website gets a chance to grow up, and everyone still gets Mrs. Humble’s pie but vegan.